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The Faculty of Electrical Engineering has a long history. Several major departments, including Electromechanics, came into existence in 1921, the year when the former National School of Civil Engineering (established in 1864) grown into the Polytechnic School of Bucharest, endorsed by the royal edict signed by King Ferdinand (June 10, 1921).

Today, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering provides higher education curricula (at undergraduate and graduate levels), and conducts research in theoretical and applied electrotromagnetism, mainly in areas of low frequency, low and medium voltage, medium and high currents, including: electromagnetic fields and electric circuits, energy conversion and sources, metrology, measurement systems, electric machines and apparatus, power electronics, electric drives and motion control, bioengineering, electro-technology, CAD in electrical engineering, management, electromagnetic compatibility etc..

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering is a member of the Romanian Consortium of Electrical Engineering Faculties, the national academic network of the seventeen faculties of electric engineering in the country.

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